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By investing in SIERRA today, you take part in the development of a new solar mining algorithm (SPOW).

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Download SIERRA wallet (v.2.0.2) and buy some coins on one of our available exchanges


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Required collateral for masternode installation is 10.000 SIERRA


Earn Rewards

A few hours after installing a SIERRA masternode, you will receive your first rewards!

About Us

Sierra is working to create an Algorithm for converting solar energy into a cryptocurrency network, planned and developed by enthusiasts from several countries in partnership with Chinese solar panel manufacturers

Our mission is to create an infrastructure for mining companies in which to produce cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin and Ethereum will be more profitable if you receive additional income as an incentive to use solar panels.

SIERRA agloritm and Marketplace will be based on solar energy production and conversion to SIERRA blockchain by means of solar energy conversion modules connected to Internet and SPOW pool

Nowadays, the development of renewable energy becomes one of the most acute. The transition and integration of the blockchain into this sphere is simply inevitable. And we're doing it right now! First of all, it will be beneficial to everyone who has installed a solar panel. Mining companies wishing to save on electricity costs. To people from countries with high electricity costs, we intend to solve all these issues and achieve public recognition in the next few years

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Events 2019


New Energy Husum 2019

The Renewable Energy Trade Fair

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Blockchain Expo Europe

The World's Largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibiton

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Open webinar with developers

Team Sierracoin will sum up the expiring year. Exactly one year after launch SIERRA project



Download SIERRA wallet 2.1.2

Partners & Other Services

OpenWallet v2.0.1

The goal of this project is to build the best free, libre, and open source light wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies includes SIERRA on Android.

Ninghai Xutai New Energy Investment Co., Ltd.

Founded in August 2015, with a registered market capital of 4.6M. Ninghai Xutai New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. has a commitment to the domestic environmental protection of new energy projects in the field of development, construction and operation of investment enterprises.


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More detailed information in Whitepaper 2.0
Whitepaper v2.0 (04.04.2019)

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