Sierracoin is a solar mining technology.

Our team noticed the size of the energy consumed by users of the Proof-of-work algorithm, and in particular Bitcoin mining. We develop an algorithm with floating complexity of production of Sierracoin based on solar energy, which means that you can earn Sierracoin and pay for electricity mining other currencies using our technology

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Base information

Algotihm: X11
Symbol: [SIERRA]
Type: PoS/MasterNode

Block information

Block time: 120 second
Block reward: 25 SIERRA
Block split: 80% MN / 20% PoS

Other information

Total supply: 25.000.000
Premine: 1.000.000
MasterNode collateral: 10000 SIERRA




Download Sierracoin wallet

Easy to use wallet offers people to start using Sierracoin without any additional settings, just download the desired distribution for your version of the operating system and you can start earning sierracoin using Masternode + PoS algorithms.

Source Code

Sierracoin Information

Sierracoin is the first foundation to develop mining using solar energy. You can pay for mining other crypto currency using electricity and at the same time convert the amount of energy spent into Sierra. Now the cost of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies using the PoW algorithm is determined by the price of electricity spent for extraction of one unit + an added market value. We are going to include our own mining algorithm within the next 1 year, at 200,000 block a hardfork network will be run with the inclusion of solar mining. The first customers will be able to rent solar batteries from our foundation, you can receive crypto currency at your wallet, we will also develop a personal web wallet, with the possibility of PoS mining and the accumulation of sierracoin.

Why do not we turn on PoW now? - it will not be included at all. Instead, its own solar energy algorithm will be included. We are going to act as a bridge between electricity and leading crypto-currencies in order to be necessary, we consider it inappropriate to include PoW and allow people to obtain crypto-currency and accumulate using solar energy and PoS mining. It is also planned to introduce masternode into solar panels, now your solar battery can act as a node of the network with a dedicated IP address, it will also be possible to include other masternodes when purchasing additional space. We also plan to implement a cloud data warehouse, for this we will be struck by our own data centers, so that the places on our solar battery can suffice for other masternodes and other crypto currency pos pools. The complexity of mining will depend on the connected clients, at a relatively low cost of solar batteries, we plan to reach more than 50,000 active miners within several months after the launch of the algorithm, as well as advertising companies will be held, negotiations with the leading companies manufacturing solar cells to incorporate our algorithm in the power generation system.

The amount of extracted energy will be converted into the current currency exchange rate + divided among the community members. To test solar cells, an open tender will be held and 10 people will receive solar panels absolutely free of charge, we need to test the operation of our system in different corners of the planet, because the profitability of solar panels affects from location of customers. Also, an official mining pool with really working batteries will be included in which you can rent a part (or the entire solar battery) to get sierracoin to your account. For further development, 500,000 Sierracoin has been allocated and raised funds from investors to support the development of the algorithm The Sierracoin Foundation was founded to create impossible at first glance things, and we are not going to stop in their development not for a minute. As the project progresses, the technical aspects of the deployment of test production algorithms will be presented, information on the generation of blocks using an algorithm will be disclosed, and a technical and public whitepaper will be written.


The information presented in the development plan of Sierracoin depends on the success of the project that you see today. We have taken the newest and most promising directions in mining in order to attract your attention, after we have successfully financed the development and testing of solar mining technology, we will make changes in the existing network with the inclusion of our own algorithm.

WhitePaper v1.0

Development and testing

Launching of Sierracoin cryptocurrency 30.09.2018

Development Of WhitePaper v1 (Done) & RoadMap v2

Exchange and monitoring lisitng

SPOW Development